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Barnyard Animals

DONKEY  And yes his name is really Donkey!  Donkey is the protector of the Barnyard and quietly runs a tight ship.  Donkey's favorite thing to do is EAT.  He is best friends with Lucy Goosey and has taken a liking to Tiny the Sheep as well.


TURBO (black and white ) & DIESEL (brown) were born in 2011.  TURBO has been a bully from day one BUT he is also the only goat that does tricks so we love him for that!  DIESEL is the nicest, sweetest goat ever and thinks he is a dog instead of a goat.  Both love attention from all their barnyard friends!

TINY the sheep was born in 2020.  She loves to be loved and makes friends with EVERYONE that comes into the Barnyard.  She is a licker too so watch yourself :)


PENELOPE the Calf & WILLIE the Goat.  Both were new to the Barnyard in 2021.  WILLIE is all boy and loves to make his presence known.  He is first in line for feeding every morning alongside his BFF Penelope.  Penelope was born a  twin.  Interesting fact..,...When a set of twins is born and one is a male calf (bull) and the other is a female calf (heifer), more than 90% of the time the female is infertile.  The infertile female calf is called a freemartin. Due to Penelope's size she won't be staying in the barnyard for the 2022 season but we know she will be happy in her new home!

BRUISER (being photobombed by Willie) was born in 2010 and is a Barnyard original!  He has been a great barnyard animal to have and gets along well with all 4 legged and 2 legged friends.  Sadly his brother Cruiser passed away 2021 but we hope to have Bruiser for a few more years as he has always been a friend to everyone. 

WILLOW is the laziest potbelly pig ever!  Willow was born in 2018 and was a house pig for a few months.  Pigs are super smart and Willow knew how to walk on a leash and sit.  Her all time favorite treat is strawberries...although.... there isn't much she doesn't eat.  She spends her days grazing on the grass and soaking in the mud!

LUCY the Goosey.  She is by far the loudest barnyard animal ever!  She loves DONKEY and the two are never very far from each other.  She lays eggs for about 20 weeks every spring and they are HUGE!  We aren't sure how old she is but she has lived in the barnyard for about 6 years.  Lucy only has vision in one of her eyes but that doesn't stop her from living her best life.  She spends most days swimming in her kiddie pool...even though there is a pond right outside the fence!

SNOWBALL the sheep (used to be white) is the runner up for the loudest barnyard animal.  He makes A LOT of noise and takes it upon himself to notify everyone when the food is coming.  Snowball smiles for pics :) and also wags his tail when you pet under his chin.  

SAMMY is a Holland Lop rabbit and was born in 2016.  Sammy was a 4H bunny that we were lucky enough to be able to bring home to the Barnyard.  He is a fan favorite at Farm Camp as he will let the kids pet and hold him.  

JELLYBEAN was also born in 2016 and is a mini rex rabbit.  He is the softest bunny you will ever feel!  He is a quiet bunny and also great with all the kids that come to the Barnyard.  

GILBERT joined the Barnyard in 2018.  Gilbert loves to be everywhere he shouldn't.  He is always looking for some kind of trouble to get into.  Gilbert and Snowball are usually seen hanging out together in the Barnyard. 


OLIVIA was born in 2019.  She is a Springer Spaniel and is the official greeter at the farm.  She LOVES her people and LOVES her snacks.  She is such a good girl and loves EVERYONE but especially all the kids.  She is fan favorite at Farm Camp and doesn't ever miss a day!  Her best friends at the farm are the cats.  She is still working on finding her love for chickens :)

The CHICKENS!  These ladies (5 of them) are the busiest animals in the Barnyard.  They are out and about all day looking for snacks.  They are free range chickens so it's hide and seek every day trying to find where they lay their eggs.  

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